Winnebago House Battery 6 volt Series-Parallel Replacement

Replaced four Trojan T-105 6 volt “Golf Cart” Batteries for a customer at Pio Pico Thousand Trails RV Park in Jamul.

The old deep cycle batteries were 7 years old and being maintained with a roof top solar system.

The four batteries were connected together in series-parallel to make a 12 volt system and achieve 450 amp hours.

Old Trojan RV House Batteries in Series Parallel
Old Trojan RV House Batteries in Series Parallel

Four 6 volt Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Batteries for Winnebago
Four 6 volt Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Batteries for Winnebago


Golf Cart Batteries Taylor Dunn Battery Replacement

36 Volt Taylor Dunn Utility Cart Battery Replacement

The 36 volt Taylor Dunn utility cart uses six 6 volt GC2 batteries.

The recommended amp hour rating is 240 ah.  The Trojan T-125 6 volt battery is a great replacement for the Taylor Dunn cart.  When we performed the battery install, we noticed that the original batteries with Taylor Dunn labels were mfg by Exide and lasted approx five years.

The key to making your batteries last is to keep the batteries fully charged as much as possible and keep the internal plates submerged with distilled water only, but do not overfill!

36 volt Taylor Dunn Utility Vehicle
36 volt Taylor Dunn Utility Vehicle

Six 6 volt Batteries and on-board 36 volt charger
Six 6 volt Batteries and on-board 36 volt chargertaylor-dunn-battery-wiring-diagram-1.0


240 Amp Hour 6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery Mfg in USA
240 Amp Hour 6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery Mfg in USA


Original 6 volt Taylor Dunn Batteries


RV Batteries Trailer Battery

WalMart Batteries

My customers ask me about the quality of starting batteries and marine deep cycle batteries sold at Wal Mart.

The answer is if you do not plan on keeping the vehicle for long then buy them but keep the receipt! Wal Mart offers a 3 year free replacement warranty only if you have it.

My experience has been that their batteries stop holding a charge a year or two after purchase.

I could be wrong, I’ll admit… Someone may get years and years of life out of the Wal Mart battery. I just have not talked to anyone who has.

The case here is a 2011 group size 27 starting battery.  After charging the battery at 40 amps I was able to boost it to 13.01 volts.  In 15 minutes the battery has dropped to 12.57 volts and continues to drop.

EverStart Maxx Battery from Wal Mart
EverStart Maxx Battery from Wal Martwalmart-battery-1.1


Trailer Battery

Airstream Battery and Solar Panel Installer – San Diego

Just finished meeting Abe Hernandez who specializes in Airstream Trailers.

Abe has a background in RV-Trailer fabrication and came from a big RV repair outfit here in East County.

His niche is working on the famous Airstream Trailer that began in 1929 by Wally Byam by modifying a  Model T Ford chassis. Airstream History

Abe is a busy man servicing Airstream trailers and has good knowledge of Go Power Solar Panel Kits for the Airstream

Reach Abe at 760-802-3238

airstream trailer solar panel kit
Airstream Trailer with Solar Panel Kit Installed

San Diego City Council To Consider $600K Settlement Over 2011 Blackout

San Diego City Council To Consider $600K Settlement Over 2011 Blackout

Monday, March 4, 2013

City News Service

The San Diego City Council is scheduled to consider tomorrow paying more than $600,000 to settle civil allegations of violations related to the failure of two sewage pump stations during the widespread blackout in September 2011.

A view of the city on Sept. 8, 2011, the night the lights went out.
Above: A view of the city on Sept. 8, 2011, the night the lights went out.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Post from City News Service

After the electricity went out, about 2.6 million gallons of sewage spilled into the Sorrento Valley from one station and eventually flowed to Los Penasquitos Creek. Another 870,000 gallons spilled from the other station into the Sweetwater River.

The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board later alleged state and federal violations, leading to the settlement which calls for payment of $622,707 to the State Water Pollution Cleanup and Abatement account. The same amount would be stayed if the city completes certain tasks in the water agency’s enforcement action.

The proposed settlement, if approved by the City Council and signed by Mayor Bob Filner, would then go to the regional water quality board for final approval.

The city has proposed purchasing backup power generators to prevent future blackout-related spills.

RV Batteries

RV Deep Cycle Battery Install – Cuyamaca

Cold weather at Lake Cuyamaca makes for a long night if your RV house batteries won’t hold a charge.

My customer called and asked how soon we could deliver to RV resort they were staying at.  There is snow on the ground and we need heat at night.

Three of the four 6 v deep cycle – “golf cart batteries” GC2 were not holding a charge so we replaced them with three new Trojan T-105 Plus 6 volt batteries.


Golf Cart Charger Repair

Golf Cart Charger Repair San Diego

Often Golf Cart chargers can be repaired if they are not functioning.

It is less expensive to repair a charger than it is to buy a new or used one.

We have a technician who can repair 36 v and 48 v golf cart chargers in San Diego.  Recently a customer asked to have a new plug installed on their 36 v charger.  They purchased a new-used golf cart that did not have a charger included.




RV Batteries

Unsafe 12 volt RV House Battery

Responded to request to bring two 6 volt Trojan T-105 deep cycle batteries to an RV currently operating on two 12 volt batteries in parallel.

I discovered two Costco 12 volt marine batteries wired in parallel with very small automotive wire of some sort.  And connected to the terminals without any cable eyelets.

Two 12 volt Costco Marine  Deep Cycle Batteries in Parallel
Two 12 volt Costco Marine Deep Cycle Batteries in Parallel
Two 6 volt Trojan T-105 RV House Batteries in Series
Two 6 volt Trojan T-105 RV House Batteries in Series


RV Batteries

RV Battery Installer in San Diego

Was called by a customer on vacation at San Elijo with family in 38 ft diesel pusher motorhome-coach.
The four 6 volt, house batteries were not holding a charge and San Elijo campgrounds has only a couple spots to plug into shore power.

My client needed power to run the heater at night since it is January so we delivered and installed 4 new 6 volt US-2200XC batteries with 232 ah.

Note, if you choose to install new house batteries into your RV, remember to find the disconnect switch to the house battery bank and turn it off first.
And always diagram and take a picture of how the cables connect before you start.

RV House Battery
Removing 4 year old Interstate Brand 6 volt Batteries for RV House Power
San Elijo Campground RV  Battery Delivery
San Elijo Campground RV Battery Delivery


Golf Cart Batteries

Neglected Golf Cart Battery

When was the last time you checked the water in your golf cart batteries?
With consistent charging, the water level in golf cart batteries will drop and as the batteries age, the water consumption will increase.
To increase the life of your 6v or 8v golf cart battery, set a reminder in your smart phone to check the water level every 30-60 days.
And never, ever add battery acid to a deep cycle golf cart battery. Only use distilled water.
The picture in this post is from a clients cart that was neglected for 12 months. The batteries were dead dry and continually charged and re-charged.
In addition, the battery acid corrosion on top the terminals and cables are at risk of causing a place for the battery to arc and melt.

golf cart battery care
Use battery terminal protection to coat the golf cart battery terminals. Petroleum jelly can also be used to arrest corrosion.