Golf Cart Batteries

Neglected Golf Cart Battery

When was the last time you checked the water in your golf cart batteries?
With consistent charging, the water level in golf cart batteries will drop and as the batteries age, the water consumption will increase.
To increase the life of your 6v or 8v golf cart battery, set a reminder in your smart phone to check the water level every 30-60 days.
And never, ever add battery acid to a deep cycle golf cart battery. Only use distilled water.
The picture in this post is from a clients cart that was neglected for 12 months. The batteries were dead dry and continually charged and re-charged.
In addition, the battery acid corrosion on top the terminals and cables are at risk of causing a place for the battery to arc and melt.

golf cart battery care
Use battery terminal protection to coat the golf cart battery terminals. Petroleum jelly can also be used to arrest corrosion.