Golf Cart Batteries

Gem Car with Incorrect Deep Cycle Batteries

I visited a new owner of a 72 volt Gem Car with RV- Marine Deep Cycle batteries installed incorrectly.

Surprisingly to the buyer of Gem Car, the seller purposely purchased inexpensive and incorrect 12 volt batteries before selling.

This is very common, due to the fact that 12 volt Gem Car batteries are more expensive than other golf cart batteries.

The correct batteries for Gem Car’s are Trojan 30 SHS, SCS 225 and 100 AH Deep Cycle batteries.

RV- Marine will provide only limited run time due to their low capacity.

We offer free delivery and freeĀ instillation of Gem Car batteries.

Battery Instillation for Flat Bed Gem Car
Incorrect 12 Volt Batteries Installed