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Installed 2 New 6 Volt Centennial Batteries in RV

Just returned from installing two new Centennial brand 6 volt, 220 ah deep cycle batteries into an RV.

A customer called and asked what the price would be to deliver and install/replace 6 volt deep cycle batteries he had in his coach.
The old interstate 6 volt batteries had a date code of 2006 and when I tested them with a hydrometer, they were completely dead.
He thought they might still be good and were possibly 10 years old when we spoke over the phone.  I informed him that I have only seen a Trojan T-105 last 10 years and that was only once!

When I arrived, I discovered the customer was an injured veteran from Desert Storm and was living out of his motor home.  He told me several stories from his life and kept me entertained as I hauled out the two 62 lb dead batteries from the front of the coach.

After 20 minutes, I had the new Centennial batteries installed and my new friend was ready to roll.

Thank  you for your service in protecting our country Mr Customer.   – Jeff  Schwen

old dead interstate 6 volt batteries
Old Dead Interstate Batteries
Centennial GC2200P 6 Volt battery for RV
New Installed 6 Volt Centennial Battery