RV Batteries

RV Battery Installer in San Diego

Was called by a customer on vacation at San Elijo with family in 38 ft diesel pusher motorhome-coach.
The four 6 volt, house batteries were not holding a charge and San Elijo campgrounds has only a couple spots to plug into shore power.

My client needed power to run the heater at night since it is January so we delivered and installed 4 new 6 volt US-2200XC batteries with 232 ah.

Note, if you choose to install new house batteries into your RV, remember to find the disconnect switch to the house battery bank and turn it off first.
And always diagram and take a picture of how the cables connect before you start.

RV House Battery
Removing 4 year old Interstate Brand 6 volt Batteries for RV House Power
San Elijo Campground RV  Battery Delivery
San Elijo Campground RV Battery Delivery