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My customers ask me about the quality of starting batteries and marine deep cycle batteries sold at Wal Mart.

The answer is if you do not plan on keeping the vehicle for long then buy them but keep the receipt! Wal Mart offers a 3 year free replacement warranty only if you have it.

My experience has been that their batteries stop holding a charge a year or two after purchase.

I could be wrong, I’ll admit… Someone may get years and years of life out of the Wal Mart battery. I just have not talked to anyone who has.

The case here is a 2011 group size 27 starting battery.  After charging the battery at 40 amps I was able to boost it to 13.01 volts.  In 15 minutes the battery has dropped to 12.57 volts and continues to drop.

EverStart Maxx Battery from Wal Mart
EverStart Maxx Battery from Wal Martwalmart-battery-1.1