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Home Solar System with Battery Back Up Installation Service in San Diego & Baja

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Currently, Sam is one of the Solar – PV Instructors at Cuyamaca Community College

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Services Include:

  • Small to Large Home Solar Installation and Repair in San Diego
  • Off Grid or Grid Tie
  • Hybrid Solar Systems

PV Solar System Installation for Residential and Commercial - Baja & San Diego

For emergency power back-up, Sam can create a small system using a string inverter, solar controller, solar panels and the required number of batteries to provide power.

 For Solar & Solar Water Heater Installer

Serving East County San Diego – Lakeside, Alpine, Santee, El Cajon, Campo
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Trace Inverter PS2524


Home Solar System Kit

SV-T-195-FC1 195 watt Solar Panels for Sale

L16 Rolls Surrette

used L16 solar battery for sale